April 07, 2014

Sara Zamora - Charged With Torturing Animals To Death During Sex Videos

Miami, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Sara Zamora, a 28-year-old Florida woman, has been jailed after she allegedly tortured animals to death while videotaping a sex video.

According to police, Zamora decapitated chickens and crushed rabbits to death while videotaping sex videos which were then uploaded to the Internet.

An investigation was launched in December 2012 when the animal rights group, PETA, discovered a video on the Internet which showed Zamora torturing various animals for the sexual gratification of its viewers. 

The video belongs to a collection of videos featured on a website titled "SOS Barn." Similar videos, known as "Crush" videos, typically show a naked woman or couple engaged in a sexual act while torturing or killing an animal.

One scene in the video reportedly shows Zamora fondling a man's genitals with one hand while decapitating a chicken using hedge clippers with the other hand. Other videos on the site feature other women who also engage in the same fetish.

At least some of the videos, according to the arrest affidavit, were recorded at the home of Adam Redford (right) who is listed as a defendant in the case but has not yet been officially charged.

In an unrelated case, Redford was charged last year with causing cruel death, pain, or suffering to animals. He reportedly paid a fine and was given probation in that case.

Zamora, who uses the screen name Gloria Shynez, was already in jail on unrelated charges of grand theft, battery, and drug possession when prosecutors filed animal cruelty charges.

A Google search of "Gloria Shynez" returns a nasty batch of emotional dysfunction that will demand an immediate shower afterward. Proceed at your own risk.

She now faces eight felony counts of animal cruelty.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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