April 13, 2014

Megan Huntsman - Charged With Murdering Seven Babies Over Ten Year Period, Stored Deceased Bodies Inside Garage

Pleasant Grove, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Megan Huntsman, a 39-year-old Utah woman, was jailed Sunday after police discovered the bodies of seven deceased babies stuffed inside cardboard boxes at her former home.

According to police, Huntsman's former spouse was removing boxes from his home Saturday when he discovered a box that gave off a horrific odor. Upon closer inspection, the man discovered the skeleton of a baby that appeared to have been deceased for some time.

After the man called police, a search warrant was issued for the home which turned up the bodies of six more babies - all hidden inside cardboard boxes which had been stored in the garage, police say.

Investigators say Hunstman, a former resident of the home, delivered each child over a ten year period and subsequently killed them.

The alleged murders reportedly took place while the couple lived together at the residence with their three children. Police do not believe the former spouse or their children were aware of the pregnancies or subsequent murders and are not suspects in the case.

The house has been vacant since 2011 when Huntsman's ex-spouse was sentenced to prison time for a drug trafficking charge and the couple drifted apart. The ex-spouse was preparing to move back into the residence following his release from prison when he and a friend made the discovery.

Huntsman was booked into the Utah County Jail and charged with six counts of murder. It was not immediately revealed why there are only six counts instead of seven.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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