March 23, 2014

Michael Brown - Registered Sex Offender Charged With Assault After Sucking On Woman's Toes In Walmart

Lincoln, N.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Brown, a 31-year-old North Carolina man, was jailed Thursday after he allegedly sucked on a woman's toes while she was shoe shopping at Walmart.

According to police, a 40-year-old woman was shopping at Walmart when Brown walked up to her and offered to help her try on shoes.

Investigators say Brown told the woman that he was studying to be a foot doctor before leading her to an area of the shoe department where he was to begin assisting her.

Thinking that Brown was a store employee, the woman sat down and stretched out her foot. That's when Brown allegedly grabbed her foot, stuck it into his mouth and began licking it. 

When the woman pulled back her foot and asked Brown what he was doing, he reportedly apologized and offered to pay for her groceries if she promised not to tell anyone.

Instead, the woman notified authorities who arrested Brown a short time later.

Brown was booked into jail and charged with misdemeanor assault.

In 2001, Brown was convicted and ordered to register as a sex offender after he broke into a woman's house and began sucking on her toes.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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