March 06, 2014

Charlene Ellet - Incestuous Sister Jailed Again After Allegedly Choking Husband Inside Motel Room….. Wait…. Husband?

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Porter, TX (The Weekly Vice) - Charlene Ellet, the 25-year-old Texas woman who was charged with having a sexual relationship with her own brother just a few days ago, is back in jail on new charges. This time for choking her husband.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to a motel room that was shared by Charlene and her husband after her release from jail on March 3.

Investigators say the couple was arguing over a cell phone when Ellet reportedly placed her hands on his neck and choked him.  The victim, whose name was not released, had scratches and redness on his neck and had a hard time talking due to swelling around his throat, said Lt. Brady Fitzgerald of the Sheriff's Office.

"She reportedly had put him in a choke hold," said Fitzgerald.

We've identified the unnamed husband as Justin Swartout, who links to Ellet and Beck on his Facebook and announced his marriage to "Riley" on his Facebook profile on January 8.  He previously referred to her as "charlene" on a Facebook post a few months earlier.

Charlene Ellet was arrested just days earlier after she had initially been detained for shoplifting inside a Porter Walmart. The investigation took a wild turn when Ellet's brother, Cameron Beck, came to the store to look for Ellet with Ellet's twin daughters in tow.

When deputies arrived at the store, they searched Beck's car and found a burnt lightbulb and a cut pen which tested positive for crystal meth. At some point during the investigation, Ellet told deputies that Beck came looking for her because he was her brother. The pair was arrested, transported to jail and placed into adjoining cells. 

While deputies worked to complete paperwork required for the booking process, Ellet and Beck were caught kissing each other on the lips through the bars of their jail cells.

A deputy who saw the siblings kissing separated the pair and interviewed Ellet individually about what had just transpired.

Ellet told deputies that she and Beck shared the same mother, but had different fathers. She also stated that she had been writing to Beck while he was in prison until he was released last November.

She went on to say that she and Beck had been staying in a motel with her twin daughters and that all four of them slept in the same bed. She also admitted to being involved in a sexual relationship with her brother since his release from prison.

When deputies questioned Ellet about what the kids were seeing, she explained that she and Beck had placed a partition in the room and that the children would stay on the other side of the partition when she and Beck engaged in intercourse. Other times, she and Beck would just go to the bathroom to have sex.

Ellet and Beck were booked into the Montgomery County Jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance and prohibited sexual conduct. Ellet was additionally issued a citation for shoplifting under $50.

Ellet now faces new charges in the assault of her husband. She remains held in lieu of $50,000.

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