February 23, 2014

Laura Cunliffe - Woman Pleads Guilty To Microwaving Cat To Death Because It Attacked Her Pet Goldfish

Holyland, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Laura Cunliffe, a 23-year-old British woman, pleaded guilty and is now awaiting sentencing after she microwaved a cat to death because the animal attacked her pet goldfish.

According to prosecutors, an investigation was launched when Cunliffe admitted to torturing her pet kitten. The admission reportedly came when Cunliffe was visiting a local hospital.

During the trial, Cunliffe admitted to placing her 4-month-old kitten into a microwave and then cooking the animal for nearly five minutes in retaliation for attacking her pet goldfish.

The kitten was reportedly alive and breathing when Cunliffe removed it from the microwave, however, the animal died about an hour-and-a-half later.

"It is a particularly horrendous case because the period of suffering for the kitten would have been awful," said Lynsey Harris of the RSPCA. "The kitten was about four months old and the exposure to the radiation in the microwave would have cooked the animal's internal organs - and that will have been pretty horrendous."

Cunliffe's attorney argued that his client suffered from psychosis and depression. The court magistrate, Michael Marks, advised that the court would have to look into Cunliffe's mental health history before sentencing.

Cunliffe has already pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty. Sentencing has been scheduled for March 13.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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