January 07, 2014

Selina Boulton - Charged With Strangling Ex-Boyfriend's Dog To Death. Boyfriend Begs Prosecutors To Drop Case

LaCrosse, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Selina Boulton, a 32-year-old Wisconsin woman, was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly broke into her ex-boyfriend's residence and tortured his dog to death.

According to police, Boulton's ex-boyfriend arrived home on November 14th to find her crying in his bedroom next to the dead body of his basset hound, Jixer.

The dog appeared to have been strangled with its own collar and a frying pan was found next to the animal's body.

During a police investigation, officers learned that the dog suffered several fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and a stab wound. A necropsy revealed that the animal died of respiratory failure after the animal endured severe trauma to the neck and chest.

The investigation also revealed that Boulton broke into her ex-boyfriend's residence through a kitchen window and tortured the animal to death in retaliation for an argument the pair had earlier in the day. Boulton's blood alcohol level was measured to be .10 bac when officers arrived at the scene.

Boulton reportedly denied hurting the pet, but said the animal "had lived four years past its life expectancy anyway." Investigators noted in their report that Boulton didn't seem to have any remorse that the dog was dead and complained that the dog "had more rights" than she did.

A short time after the investigation was launched, the ex-boyfriend wrote a letter pleading with prosecutors to drop all charges. In the letter he reportedly told prosecutors that Boulton didn't kill his dog and that the animal must have suffered a heart attack when Boulton broke a window to enter his home.

Prosecutors filed charges anyway and Boulton was taken into custody on Wednesday.

She was booked into jail on misdemeanor charges of mistreating an animal causing death, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. She was released after posting $1,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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