January 10, 2014

Escaped Inmate Returns To Jail Two Days Later When Cold Weather Threatens To Freeze Behind Off

Frankfort, KY (The Weekly Vice) - Robert Vick, a 42-year-old inmate who escaped from Blackburn Correctional Complex in Lexington, turned himself back in less than 48 hours later when he decided jail was better than freezing to death.

According to police, Vick escaped from a minimum security facility in Lexington Sunday, however, the plan quickly backfired when he encountered an unexpected dose of cold weather.

Local wind chill temperatures were 20 degrees below zero Monday in Lexington, according to weather reports. Vick would have been dressed in prison issued khaki pants, a shirt and a jacket, according to Department of Correction spokesperson, Lisa Lamb.

As temperatures dropped between Sunday and Tuesday morning, Vick reportedly walked into a motel and asked the clerk to call police. He reportedly told the clerk that he wanted to turn himself in because it was too cold outside.

Arriving officers called in paramedics to check Vick out before he was returned to Blackburn, said Lexington police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts

"This was definitely of his own volition," said Roberts. "It's cold out there, too cold to run around. I can understand why the suspect would turn himself in.

Vick was serving a six-year sentence for burglary and criminal possession of a forged instrument when he escaped.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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