January 07, 2014

Andrew Boguslawski - Jailed After Trooper On Routine Traffic Stop Finds Nearly 50 Bombs In Man's Car

London, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Andrew Boguslawski, a 43-year-old Indiana man, was jailed New Year's Day after police found nearly 50 bombs and a remote detonating device in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop for speeding.

According to Ohio State Police, Boguslawski was traveling 85 mph in a 70-mph section of Interstate 70 Wednesday when Troopers pulled him over for speeding.

When the Trooper approached the window, Boguslawski stated that he had no weapons or other unlawful materials in his vehicle. However, the officer saw the handle of a gun between Boguslawski's legs when he returned to the car with a ticket.

The officer then held Boguslawski at gun point while waiting for backup to arrive. Officers later recovered 48 explosive devices, a remote detonating system, additional bomb making materials, two pistols and two rifles from Boguslawski's vehicle.

Investigators are working to determine why Boguslawski had so many explosives and what he intended to do with them in Ohio.

He was booked into jail and charged with illegal manufacture or processing of explosives. He remains held in lieu of $1 million bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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