November 11, 2013

Man Nails Himself To Red Square In Retaliation For Russian "Police State"

Moscow, Russia (The Weekly Vice) - Pyotr Pavlensky, a 29-year-old Russian "performance artist," was jailed Sunday after he allegedly stripped naked and nailed his scrotum to the ground during a demonstration aimed at bringing awareness to Russia's "developing police state."

According to Russian Officials, Pavlensky sat naked on the cobblestone of Moscow's Red Square until a small crowd developed around him. That's when he reportedly drove a spike through his scrotum, pinning himself to the cobblestone below him.

Russian authorities removed Pavlensky from the square and transported him to a local clinic before charging him with petty hooliganism. He was released Monday after a court dismissed the charge.

Pavlensky later released a statement on a Russian website stating that his act of self mutilation was meant to draw attention to Russia's emerging police state.

In 2012, Pavlensky sewed his mouth closed to protest the imprisonment of three members of a Russian band known as Pussy Riot. He was also arrested after wrapping his naked body in barbed wire outside a Saint Petersburg government building in May.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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