November 07, 2013

Glen Davis - HIV Positive Man Douses Woman With Gasoline, Then Rapes Her Saying "You're Going To Die One Way Or Another."

Winter Haven, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Glen Davis, a 48-year-old HIV positive man, was jailed Saturday after he allegedly doused his girlfriend with gasoline and forced her to have unprotected sex with him as he held a pair of scissors to her throat.

According to Winter Haven police, Davis and his girlfriend were arguing Halloween night when Davis locked all of the doors to the house and began setting things on fire.

Davis reportedly poured gasoline on a table and a pile of clothes and then set them on fire.

Aiming to amp up the terror a bit more, Davis then doused his girlfriend with gasoline and threatened to set her on fire.  At some point during the confrontation, Davis allegedly grabbed the victim's young son by the neck and threatened to set him on fire as well.

A short time later, Davis forced the victim to have unprotected sex with him. Although the victim begged him to use a condom, he put a pair of scissors to her throat and proceeded to rape her without a condom.

"You're going to die, one way or another," Davis told the woman moments before the sexual assault.

Davis was arrested two days later after a relative urged her to call police.

 He was booked into jail and charged with criminal transmission of HIV, battery, false imprisonment, two counts of arson, two counts of aggravated battery and sexual assault.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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