October 20, 2013

Teacher Fired After Setting Up After Prom Bash That Included Alcohol And Condoms

Miami, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Isabel Diaz Almaraz, a dance teacher at South Miami High School, has been terminated after she allegedly rented a $1,000 hotel room for students and allegedly left them "goodie baskets" filled with alcohol, condoms, limes, jello and several other party favors.

According to the Miami-Dade School Board, an investigation was launched in September 2012 after several parents complained that Diaz-Almaraz provided students condoms and alcohol during an after-prom party located in a hotel suite Diaz-Almaraz paid for.

Investigators say Diaz-Almaraz admitted to paying $1,000 for a hotel suite that she reserved for the students. She allegedly went to the hotel suite and left "goodie baskets" for the students that contained alcohol, condoms, jello, freezer pops, mints, Gatorade, mouthwash, toothpaste and other party essentials.

Diaz-Almaraz also reportedly called in sick half a day from class to help students get the room ready for the big party.

The school board's case was impacted by a series of photos posted on a student's Facebook profile which showed one of the party baskets left for students at the hotel. The photo showed a dozens of party essentials - including condoms and alcohol - grouped tightly together.

The post description read "Thanks Mrs D."

When administration investigators questioned Diaz Almaraz, she denied knowing anything about condoms or alcohol.  Some students - attempting to stand up for her - stated that they never saw "Mrs D" drink.

Some parents wrote to the school board that "Mrs D" was a positive role model for their student, and described the investigation as a "witch hunt."

A criminal investigation was never initiated and no arrest was made.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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