October 06, 2013

April Chamberlain - Substitute Teacher Found Passed Out Drunk At School With Whiskey Bottle In Purse

Oklahoma City, OK (The Weekly Vice) - April Chamberlain, a 30-year-old substitute teacher at Milwood High School, was jailed Wednesday after she was allegedly found passed-out drunk with a bottle of whiskey in her purse.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, Chamberlain was substitute teaching a biology class while she appeared disoriented and persisted in using profanity with students.

When students found Chamberlain passed out in the office, they contacted a coach who alerted the school principal.

Investigators say Chamberlain was slow to wake up after she had been tapped on the shoulder and shouted at to "wake up." A deputy at the scene found an opened bottle of Canadian Whiskey in Chamberlain's purse and noted that she smelled strongly of alcohol.

Chamberlain also reportedly slurred her words and appeared to be unsteady on her feet.

She was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and charged with public drunkenness.

Following the arrest, Millwood Public Schools Superintendent, Cecilia Robinson, announced that Chamberlain was "only a substitute teacher" and that parents "need not be concerned that we are exposing their children to someone who could place them in harm or danger."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Cecilia.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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