September 10, 2013

Woman Married Just 8 Days Gets Cold Feet, Pushes Husband Face-First Off Cliff

Helena, Mont. (The Weekly Vice) - Jordan Linn Graham, a 22-year-old Montana woman, has been jailed after she allegedly pushed her husband off a cliff just a week after they had been married.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an investigation was launched on July 8 after Graham's husband, 25-year-old Cody Johnson, failed to show up for work.

When investigators interviewed Graham (pictured left), she stated that her husband had gone hiking with friends on July 7, but never returned.

The next day, however, Graham miraculously found her husband's body, which was obscured by the canyon walls and foliage of Glacier National Park. Although park officials thought it strange that Graham was able to locate the body in such an obscure place, Graham explained that it was a place her "husband wanted to see before he died."

As the investigation continued, however, text messages from Graham to various friends revealed that she was not happy with her one week old marriage.

Investigators say Graham texted a friend on the same day Johnson was pushed to his death and stated that she was having second thoughts about getting married and intended to talk to Johnson about it.

Five days after Johnson's deceased body had been recovered, Graham confessed to investigators that she was responsible for his death.

Graham told investigators that she intended to talk to her husband about their marriage, so the two of them took a walk on Loop Trail which is known for its hairpin turns and cliff-edged pathways.

It was along that trail that the couple began to argue as Graham broached the topic of their marriage.

At some point during the argument, Graham reportedly smacked Johnson's hands away and then used both hands to push him face-first off the walkway's ledge. She then reportedly returned home, leaving his broken body on the rocks below.

At the conclusion of a two-month investigation, Graham has been charged with second-degree murder. Bond has not yet been announced in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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