September 01, 2013

Woman Cracks From Abuse, Beats Husband To Death, Boils Corpse In Pressure Cooker

Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China (The Weekly Vice) - An unnamed woman in Anhui Province, China has turned herself in to authorities after she allegedly murdered her husband and then boiled his remains in a pressure cooker.

According to Lu'an Police, a woman reportedly turned herself in claiming that she hadn't eaten and was under a great deal of stress following the murder of her husband.

Investigators say the woman tortured her husband for three days in June, depriving him of food and water while beating him with an unnamed object.

After beating the man to death, the woman allegedly hacked off her husband's limbs with a hand saw and then boiled them in a pressure cooker. Police do not know where the cooked remains were disposed of.

The woman told police that she cracked after she and her daughter endured months of abuse from the victim, according to reports.

Charges have not yet been announced by Chinese authorities.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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