September 22, 2013

Philip Smith - Charged With Two Felonies After Claiming To Be A Cop To Get Out Of Paying Applebees Check

Richmond, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Philip Smith, a 46-year-old Indiana man, was jailed Thursday after he allegedly pretended to be a police officer to get out of paying his Applebees check.

According to Richmond Police, Smith had finished dining at Applebees Thursday night when he told his server that he didn't have enough money to pay the check.

He then reportedly displayed a badge, told the staff that he was a police officer and asked if he could go to an ATM machine to get the money.

Investigators say the restaurant staff called police after Smith never returned to pay his bill.

Luckily, an employee took down Smith's license plate number as he was leaving and provided the information to officers. Smith was located a short time later.

Smith was booked into the Wayne County Jail and charged with felony counts of theft and impersonating a police officer.  He was released after posting $25,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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