September 17, 2013

Emily Creno - Jailed After Faking Son's Cancer To Solicit Donations

Newark, OH (The Weekly Vice) - Emily Creno, a 31-year-old Ohio woman, has been jailed after she allegedly faked her son's cancer to solicit donations.

According to police, Creno convinced her 4-year-old son that he was dying of cancer in an effort bilk dozens of good Samaritans out of their time and money.

Investigators say the scam started late last year when Creno shaved her son's head and announced to anyone who would listen that her son had been diagnosed with leukemia. To make the ruse even more believable, Creno also forced her son to wear a pollen mask whenever he was in public.

In short order, dozens of good Samaritans donated money and helped her set up several websites that solicited additional donations. At least one of the websites was updated regularly with the progress Creno's son was making with his alleged treatments.

An investigation was launched in May when a woman who had a daughter with leukemia visited one of Creno's websites and thought some of information displayed on the site was at odds with what she had experienced in her family's ordeal.

Police investigated more than 20 cases in which people had donated money or goods to the family in response to Creno's claims.

Creno also allegedly convinced her relatives, her estranged husband and the boy's 8-year-old sister that the boy was dying in order to reach more donors and make the scam appear more believable.

Creno was booked into jail and charged with one count of endangering children.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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