September 17, 2013

Christopher Jackson - Jailed After Using Branding Tool And Butane Torch To Inscribe His Initials On Girlfriend's Vagina

Chandler, AZ (The Weekly Vice) - Christopher Jackson, a 49-year-old Arizona man, was jailed last week after he allegedly branded his initials on his girlfriend's vagina.

According to police,  an investigation was launched last week when Jackson's girlfriend told authorities that she had been drugged and then branded by her boyfriend back in May. The woman also told police that she didn't report the incident earlier because she was fearful.

Investigators say Jackson and his girlfriend had just attended a baseball game when he asked her to go out dancing with him. The woman declined the offer, saying that she was too tired, so Jackson offered her pills that he said would help her stay awake. Instead, the woman fell asleep a short time after taking the pills.

When the woman finally awoke, she was reportedly in extreme pain with the initials "C.J." branded on her vaginal area.

Police say Jackson used a branding tool and a butane torch to inscribe his initials on the woman, claiming that "her vagina was his."

Detectives searched the couple's home and found the butane torch and branding tool.

He was then booked into jail and charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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