September 02, 2013

Christie Black - Jailed After Stealing $5,000 From Boyfriend, Hiding Loot Inside Her Rectum

Bulls Gap, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Christie Black, a 43-year-old Tennessee woman, has been charged after she allegedly stole $5,000 from her boyfriend, hid the money inside her rectum, then required medical attention to have the money removed.

According to police, Black's boyfriend "set a trap" for her after suspecting that she had been stealing from him.

The alleged trap reportedly involved placing $5,000 cash and prescription medication into a medicine bag that was then left on a Foosball table for the night.

The boyfriend went on to say that he awoke early the next morning to discover the pills and cash missing from the bag. When he confronted Black over the missing items, she suddenly became sick and vomited up the pills which were still secured in saran wrap.

When the boyfriend asked Black about the cash, she allegedly admitted to placing the money inside her rectum. Black later told officers that she stole the drugs and cash because she knew her boyfriend was about to kick her out of his home and felt she needed the money for a place to live.

When the boyfriend asked for his money back, Black tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the wad of cash with a pair of tongs and a toilet brush.

At some point during Black's foraging for cash, it became apparent that she was bleeding heavily from the anus and required medical care. She was transported to a local hospital where doctors were successful in removing the loot.

Black remains hospitalized but has been charged with a single count of theft of property over $500.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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