September 12, 2013

Brittani French - Charged With Hiding Metal Breath Mint Box Inside Vagina

Louisville, KY (The Weekly Vice) - Brittani French, a 25-year-old Kentucky woman, was being booked into jail on a minor shoplifting charge when officers found something that peaked their interest a little more.

According to police, officers were processing French into the prison when a body scan device revealed a square metal object located inside French's genital area.

Female correction officers performed a strip search and removed a metal breath mint box from her vagina. Inside the breath mint box was four baggies that allegedly contain methamphetamine residue. Also inside the box were four more baggies and a green straw.

French allegedly confirmed to police that the residue on the baggies was methamphetamine. She also told police that she hid the box inside her vagina because she didn't, want "to get into any more trouble."

She was booked into Louisville Metro Corrections and charged with promoting contraband, trafficking in a controlled substance  and tampering with evidence.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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