September 23, 2013

Amy Kapetanious - Jailed After Hiding Lighter In Vagina, Daring Officers To Strip Search Her For It

Louisville, KY (The Weekly Vice) - Amy Kapetanios, a 26-year-old Kentucky woman, has been jailed after she allegedly tried to smuggle a lighter into jail with her vagina, then challenged officers to strip search her and find it.

According to police, Kapetanios was being processed into jail for a separate offense, when officers asked her if she had any contraband on her person.

Although Kapetanios denied having any contraband on her, a body scan revealed that an object was hidden inside her vagina.

Officers instructed Kapetanios to remove the object, however she denied having anything hidden inside her vagina and told officers that they could strip search her and see for themselves.

Inside the strip search room, officers recovered a lighter from her vagina.

Kapetanios was booked into jail and charged additionally with promoting contraband and tampering with physical evidence.

Kapetanios was jailed in January 2011 after she and her boyfriend allegedly fled from a Wal-Mart, leaving their 9-month-old baby behind, after store employees caught them shoplifting merchandise.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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