July 14, 2013

Jon Meyer - Jailed After Using Machine Gun As Crutch, Killing 5-Year-Old Girl

Grants Pass, Ore (The Weekly Vice) - Jon Andrew Meyer Jr., a 30-year-old Oregon man, was jailed Thursday after he allegedly used an assault rifle to get up off the couch, and subsequently shot a little girl to death in the room above him.

According to Grants Pass police, Jon Meyer was using an automatic assault rifle as a crutch to get up from his friend's couch Thursday night when the gun suddenly erupted in a spray of bullets that killed a little girl and injured a woman staying at the apartment.

Investigators say the bullets tore into an upstairs room at 9:05 p.m., killing 5-year-old Alysa Bobbit of Shady Cove and wounding a 44-year-old Karen Hancock.

It is still unclear why Meyer was in possession of an automatic rifle at his friend's apartment. Meyer's attorney states that the gun went off accidentally and that he wasn't aware that it was a fully automatic weapon.

Court records indicate that Meyer's fiance' recently kicked him out of her residence and filed a restraining order against him. He reportedly has listed his sister's residence as his current address.

A witness that lived down the street said that she heard shots and then saw Meyer running down the driveway. She then heard screaming before the little girl's mother carried her daughter out of the residence in her arms.

The mother looked up at the witness and asked her to "Please help my baby."

Emergency responders transported the little girl to Rivers Medical Center where she died of her injuries. The woman who was injured is now in stable condition.

Jon Andrew Meyer Jr was located and booked into jail on charges of manslaughter, assault, and unlawful possession of a machine gun. His bail has been set at $250,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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