July 10, 2013

Edwin Tobergta - Jailed After Having Sex With Pool Raft….. Again!

Hamilton, OH (The Weekly Vice) - Edwin Charles Tobergta, a 34-year-old Ohio man, was jailed Wednesday after he was allegedly caught by a child having sex with a rubber raft.

And if this story seems a little too familiar, there's a reason for that. This isn't Edwin's first incident that involves having sex with inflatable objects.

In August, 2011, The Weekly Vice reported Tobergta's arrest when allegedly stole a neighbor's pool raft and began having sex with it.

This time Tobergta was arrested after he allegedly stripped naked and began having sex with a pink inflatable pool raft in an ally behind his home.

The incident took place in front of several children, one of which was the owner of the raft. Tobergta picked up the raft and went back into his home after one of the children shouted at him to stop.

Besides the 2011 incident, Tobergta was also arrested in 2002 when he was caught having sex with an inflatable pumpkin. Tobergta has been jailed at least 5 times in recent years for similar acts.

Tobergta, who has now been indicted by a grand jury, was booked into the Butler County Jail and charged with felony public indecency. He remains held in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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