July 11, 2013

Arnoldo Martinez - Jailed After Using Hidden Camera To Perform Underwear Check On Adult Stepdaughter

Bradenton, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Arnoldo Martinez, a 54-year-old Florida man, was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly used a hidden camera to peep on his stepdaughter in the bathroom - then claimed that he was merely checking the girl for hidden tattoos.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to the Martinez home after Martinez' 22-year-old stepdaughter called them to report that she had discovered a hidden camera inside the ceiling vent of their home's bathroom.

Investigators say the woman pulled the camera out of the vent and located an extension cord that supplied power to the camera.

After being advised that the camera would likely be sending images to a receiver somewhere inside the home, the victim searched and located a receiver that was plugged into her parent's television.

When deputies arrived at the home, Arnoldo Martinez was contacted at work and advised that he needed to come home and explain a few things.

Once home, Martinez admitted to placing the camera in the vent, but claimed that he did so to see if the girl had tattoos and report his findings to the girl's mother.

Upon further search of the home, a video tape was discovered which allegedly contained nude video images of his stepdaughter.  Martinez admitted to knowing that the recording was illegal, but stated that he wanted to gather evidence that his stepdaughter had received tattoos in and around her "pelvic area."

Detectives concluded that the woman had been recorded without her consent and that the video was obtained for Martinez' personal gratification.

Martinez was booked into jail and charged with felony video voyeurism. He was released on Thursday after posting $1,500 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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