June 04, 2013

Yolanda Pearson - Jailed After Horse-Whipping Six Kids With Extension Cord Because Washcloth Was Found On Floor

Louisville, KY (The Weekly Vice) - Yolanda Pearson, a 41-year-old Kentucky woman, was jailed Friday after she allegedly beat 6 children with an extension cord after discovering a washcloth on the bathroom floor.

According to police, Pearson became enraged when she returned home Friday afternoon and discovered a washcloth on the bathroom floor.

In retaliation, Pearson allegedly grabbed an extension cord, doubled it over and used it to beat all six children who were inside the residence.

Following the beating, the children (ages 10 to 14) walked together to a local police station and filed a complaint. Photographs were taken of the childrens' injuries, including several loop-style marks on their arms, legs and back.

Some of the children identified Pearson as their mother while others identified her as their aunt.

Pearson was booked into jail and charged with five counts of criminal child abuse and one count of assault.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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