June 11, 2013

Taylor Chapman - Woman Browbeats Polite Dunkin Donuts Cashier With 8 Minute Tirade, Now Hiding From Pissed Off Internet

Taylor Chapman Twitter

Broward County, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Florida woman is the proud owner of a video that has gone viral on the Internet. There can be little doubt, however, that the attention she's been receiving for that video isn't quite what she expected.

When a Broward County Dunkin Donuts allegedly failed to give Chapman her receipt, she decided to arm herself with a video camera and hold them to their stated policy of providing a free order anytime an employee fails to give a customer their receipt.

Chapman enters the store and warns the employee that he is "under video surveillance" before unleashing a barrage of foul language, insults, racial remarks and arrogant blather onto him.

The employee kept cool and collected as she unloaded an 8 minute long rant.  He worked toward politely replacing her order when most people would have grabbed a broom and beaten her out the door wearing her "next" order.

Throughout the video, Chapman threatens that her video will be posted on Facebook. Obviously that decision didn't work out well for her since her Facebook and Instagram accounts have now been deleted and the entire Internet is ready is ready to burn her at the stake for her dehumanizing and racial remarks.

We aren't going to go through the video line by line.  The language is as bad as it gets, so please be advised of that before you play the video.

One thing is pretty much for certain, though. These employees (and the customer that was present during this woman's mega-rant) deserve an accolade for putting up with this witch.

Oh, and we might also mention that this woman is a spokesmodel for Internet ad agency Power Sales Team.  They continue to list her as a friendly spokesmodel for your advertising dollars.

Watch and enjoy.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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