June 23, 2013

Rebecca Beyer - Jailed After Torturing, Starving And Sleep Depriving Disabled Stepson. Husband And Son All Too Happy To Help

Council Buffs, IA (The Weekly Vice) - Rebecca Beyer, a 45-year-old Iowa woman, has been jailed after she allegedly tortured and abused her mentally handicapped stepson.

Beyer's husband James, and her biological son, Ryan, were also jailed for their parts in the abuse.

According to police, investigators first learned of the abuse after the 20-year-old victim ran away from home and was found outside a gas station in the middle of February wearing little clothing. The boy was taken to a local homeless shelter where a worker noticed the victim's burns and contacted police.

During a police interview, the victim described the house of hell he had recently escaped from and told officers about the injuries that covered his body.

Investigators say the victim was repeatedly burned by his stepmother, whose favorite method of torture involved heating up silverware and then burning the victim with them. Officers noted burn marks on the victim's arms, inner thighs and groin area.

The victim told detectives that his step mother would place a fork or a spoon on a hot stove, pull down his pants and then burn his genital area with them.

A forensic examination of the victim confirmed that the burn marks were consistent with the victim's description of how he was injured. A medical examination also revealed a large burn on the victim's back that was consistent with being burned with a clothes iron. The victim told investigators that he didn't see what he was being burned with on that occasion, but knew it was larger than fork or spoon.

Recently Rebecca Beyer told the victim that she was going to torture him and gave him a choice of three boxes which contained various instruments of torture.  The boxes allegedly contained a club with spikes, a handgun and a "Chinese" sword.

The stepmother, according to court documents, allegedly placed a gun to the victim's head and pretended to shoot him.

At night Rebecca continued the torture by chaining him in such a way where he was forced to sleep standing up. Beyer also allegedly deprived the victim of food and forced him to use a 5-gallon bucket to urinate and defecate.

Rebecca would also allegedly beat the victim in the face before asking her son, 22-year-old Ryan Smith, to help her get the victim chained up. The victim told detectives that Smith verbally abused him on a regular basis and had physically assaulted him in the past.

The victim's father, 41-year-old James Beyer, also allegedly participated in the assaults and threatened to kill him.

When detectives drove out to the Beyer's home, many of the items used in the victim's torture were found exactly where the victim stated they would be. A homemade restraint system was found in the garage where the victim was kept along with the 5-gallon bucket he was forced to use as a restroom. Silverware was found with burn residue still on them and several boxes were found that contained a spiked club and a miniature sword.

Investigators also discovered that the Beyers were receiving and cashing the victim's disability checks, however, when they asked Rebecca if she would be interested in taking a polygraph test, she declined.

Rebecca Beyer was booked into jail and charged with first-degree kidnapping and willful injury causing serious bodily injury.

James Beyer and Ryan Smith were charged with first-degree kidnapping  All three suspects are being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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