June 06, 2013

Melissa Lawrence - Jailed After Siccing Two Pit Bulls On Reporter Who Asked One Question Too Many

Providence, R.I.  (The Weekly Vice) - Melissa Lawrence, a 35-year-old Rhode Island woman, was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly sicced two pit bulls on a news reporter who tried to interview her during a recent shooting.

According to police, an argument broke out at Lawrence's home Sunday afternoon when an uninvited guest showed up at her home during a relative's kindergarten graduation party and began eating the food she had prepared.

Lawrence reportedly became angry and ordered the guest to leave or pay for the food he was eating. The guest left but returned later with a group of friends and began shooting.

Lawrence's daughter, 16-year-old Ny'asia Lawrence, was shot in the back and is now recovering at a local hospital.

After a teen who was involved with the shooting turned himself in, WLNE 6 News reporter Abbey Niezgoda went to Lawrence's home to inform her of the arrest and try to get a comment from her.

Lawrence responded to the news by replying "That's good." But when the reporter tried to get further comment, Lawrence wasn't about to have any part of it.

In retaliation, Lawrence picked up a rock and threw it at the camera man, who was standing next to Niezgoda on the sidewalk. Failing to get the hint, the reporter tried to interact with Lawrence once more.  That's when Lawrence decided she was going to let her two pit bulls do the talking for her.

Within moments two pit bulls were unleashed and seen chasing the reporter back and forth across the road until she made a hasty escape into a neighbor's back yard.

Investigators say one of the dogs managed to take a bite out of Niezgoda's right forearm before she scampered out of range of the camera.  The camera man, who didn't miss a beat, suffered a bruise to his arm from the rock. Both were treated for their injuries at East Side Urgent Care Center.

Lawrence was booked into jail and charge with two felony counts of assault.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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