June 09, 2013

Kimberlynn Bolanos - Charged With Murder After Stabbing Baby To Death So Authorities Wouldn't Take Him Away

Chicaco, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Kimberlynn Bolanos, a 21-year-old Illinois woman, was arrested Thursday after she allegedly stabbed her 5-month-old child to death because she was afraid child services would take the infant away from her.

According to police, Bolanos checked herself into the Diplomat Hotel with her baby on May 28 and then invited her boyfriend to spend the night.

When the boyfriend left the next morning, Bolanos walked to a nearby Dollar Tree store where she purchased several knives and a pack of razors.

When the boyfriend returned to the motel, he and Bolanos smoked marijuana and drank Bacardi before falling asleep.  When the boyfriend awoke the next morning, he noticed the knives and razors next to Bolanos and moved them to a dresser while she was still sleeping.

A short while later, Bolanos woke up and took 5-month-old Isaac to the bathroom with her to take a shower.

The boyfriend became concerned after a period of time and tried opening the bathroom door to see if Bolanos was alright. Bolanos pushed the door shut on him, but not before he saw baby Isaac with a bloody gash across his head. The boyfriend called 911.

When emergency responders arrived on the scene, they were forced to use an axe to break down the bathroom door.  Inside the bathroom they discovered a grisly scene that would make most horror films seem tame in comparison.

Investigators say Bolanos stabbed her baby nearly 30 times. The infant reportedly suffered 21 stab wounds to the head and 8 stab wounds to the chest. The baby's neck was also sliced open from ear to ear while the he was strapped inside his car seat.

Bolanos then reportedly tried to stab herself in the abdomen in a possible murder-suicide attempt, according to court documents.

The baby was taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:44 a.m.. Bolanos was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center where she is still being treated for her injuries.

When detectives questioned Bolanos at the hospital, she reportedly asked if her baby was dead and then stated that she would "feel better if he was dead." She also reportedly stated that she was "afraid authorities would take her child away because of her crack habit," according to Asst. State Attorney, Bridget O'Brien.

Bolanos has been charged with first-degree murder.  She is expected to be arraigned and booked into jail just as soon as she has been released from the hospital.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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