June 20, 2013

Jessica Howell - Jailed After Encouraging Sex Offender Boyfriend To Rape Her Baby Daughter To Death

Top left (Jordan Prince)  Top Right (Jessica Howell)

PDF Jessica Howell Arrest Complaint  (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

St. Charles, Mo (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Lynn Howell, a 25-year-old Missouri woman, has been charged with murder after she allegedly allowed her sex offender boyfriend to sexually assault and brutalize her 4-month-old child to death.

According to St. Charles Police, 24-year-old Jordan Prince was arrested on second-degree murder charges early last December after he allegedly choked his girlfriend's 4-month-old daughter, Ashlynn Lilith Peters, to death.

At the time, Prince told police that he choked the little girl because she wouldn't stop crying. Jessica Howell, the child's mother, was reportedly asleep in a back room when the assault took place.

The child was flown to an area area hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived.

An autopsy conducted 2 days later revealed that the child died from asphyxiation. As bad as the story seemed to be at the time, details of the little child's death were about to get far worse.

Prince was indicted in early May on a fresh batch of charges after prosecutors announced that the child had been assaulted and sexually brutalized before her death.

Investigators say Prince forcibly sodomized and abused the infant, causing blunt force trauma to the baby's head, chest, back, legs and abdomen. The baby also suffered massive tears to her rectum, bladder and uterus during the alleged assault.

According to court documents and information obtained from the medical examiner's report, the child would have likely bled to death from the sexual assault if she hadn't have been strangled to death first.

Charges of sodomy and child abuse were added to the murder charge that Prince already faced. Prince, who has been unable post the $150,000 bail amount ordered during his arraignment on the murder charge, remains in jail while awaiting trial.

The story took an even more sickening turn this week when prosecutors announced the arrest of the child's mother.

Prosecutors say the child's mother was not only aware that her boyfriend was a convicted sex offender - but that she also seemed willing and even encouraged her boyfriend to molest her daughter.

Investigators say Howell sent text messages to Prince suggesting her willingness to allow him to engage in sexual activity with her daughter.

"These text messages encouraged the killer to engage in sexual conduct with the child," stated St. Charles Prosecutor, Tim Lohmar. "We're very confident that she was fully aware of the gravity of what it was she was suggesting."

Court documents point out that the couple had thoroughly discussed the child's rape before Howell brought her baby over to Prince's home to spend the night. Howell then reportedly left her baby daughter alone with Prince and retired to a back room. That's when Prince brutalized the baby girl as she screamed in pain.

It is not known for sure if Howell actually went to a back room or watched Prince rape her child - But statements from the couple seem to indicate that Howell was not in the same room when the alleged sexual assault took place.

Howell, who was already facing a child endangerment charge, was booked into jail and charged with child abuse and second-degree murder.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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