June 03, 2013

Anaeli DeJesus - Charged With Smashing Kitten To Death When Boyfriend Tried To Break Off Relationship

Lawrence, MA (The Weekly Vice) - Anaeli DeJesus, a 23-year-old Massachusetts woman, was jailed Thursday after she allegedly killed a 6-week-old kitten because her boyfriend tried to break up with her.

According to Lawrence police, officers were dispatched to the home of Roberto Jordan after receiving a report that a 6-week-old kitten had been killed during an argument between Jordan and his girlfriend, Anaeli DeJesus.

Investigators say DeJesus became angry when Jordan attempted to end their relationship. In retaliation, DeJesus picked up a 6-week-old kitten and violently smashed it against a wall. The kitten dropped to the floor and shook until it passed away.

DeJesus then packed up the couple's dog, various recording equipment, a computer and several video games before fleeing to a residence on Gale St.

When officers arrived at the Gale St. residence and asked DeJesus if she knew why they were there, DeJesus allegedly told them it was because she had killed a kitten.

DeJesus and Jordan share a 1-year-old child together and DeJesus is now pregnant with their second baby.

DeJesus was booked into jail and charged with animal cruelty.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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