May 29, 2013

Jessica Cox Ruled The Roost With A Rubber Mallet - Charged With Handcuffing, Beating And Burning Teen Stepsons

Knoxville, TN (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Ann Cox, a 36-year-old Tennessee woman, was jailed Tuesday after she allegedly made a habit of handcuffing both of her stepsons' hands together before beating them with a mallet and burning their genitals.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, an investigation was launched after a neighbors reported seeing two brothers (ages 14 and 16) handcuffed together and appearing to be in need of medical assistance.

When detectives made contact with the two boys and interviewed them, a twisted story of ongoing abuse began to emerge.

Investigators say Cox repeatedly abused the two boys by handcuffing their hands above their heads and then beating them with a rubber mallet and wooden rolling pin. Cox also allegedly tortured the boys by burning their genitals and other sensitive areas.

"Both victims stated they have been handcuffed numerous times and burned with cigarettes and incense," stated the arrest affidavit. "(the older sibling) has scars consistent with healed burns on his arms and penis."

The alleged abuse reportedly surfaced when the boys escaped their parents trailer home and attempted to flee to their grandparent's residence in Loudon County. The boys were spotted by a neighbor who grew concerned when she saw them handcuffed together, walking down the street barefoot and appearing to need medical attention.

The boys were intercepted and taken to Children's Hospital where they were treated for their injuries. One victim reportedly "suffered from swollen legs and a large open wound on top of his right foot," according to the arrest report.

The injury to the boy's foot occurred when Cox allegedly handcuffed him to a kitchen cabinet and then beat his feet with the mallet and/or rolling pin.

The boys were taken into protective custody and then placed with extended family members. Two other children, who are reportedly Cox's biological children, were also removed from the residence.

The childrens' biological father has not been charged and it is unclear what knowledge he might of had of the abusive situation. Family members told local media that the handcuffs likely belonged to the boys' biological father who obtained them while he was employed as a police officer.

Cox was booked into the Knox County Detention Facility and charged with aggravated child abuse and child abuse. Her bond has been set at $25,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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