April 15, 2013

Vincent Valvo Had A Good Pout - Charged With Calling 911 Because He Didn't Like The Way His Mother Spoke To Him

Vero Beach, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Vincent Valvo, a 19-year-old Florida man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly called 911 to complain that he didn't like the way his mother was talking to him.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office, a deputy was dispatched to a residence Valvo shares with his parents after he called 911 to report a domestic disturbance.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, Valvo stated that he was upset by the way his mother spoke to him. The deputy told Valvo that his call was an improper use of 911 and warned him about the penalties associated with the offense.

A short while later, a second deputy was dispatched to the residence after receiving another 911 call from Valvo. When the deputy arrived on the scene, Valvo was sitting on the front steps of the residence doing something with his phone.

When the deputy asked Valvo what he could do for him, Valvo stated that he "wanted to leave." When the deputy asked where he wanted to go, Valvo stared at his phone and wouldn't respond.

When the deputy asked Valvo if he was thinking of hurting himself, Valvo responded "fuck no" according to the arrest affidavit.

When the deputy asked Valvo why he called 911 again, Valvo stated that he "didn't like the way his mom talked to him." The officer also noted that Valvo's words were slurred and he smelled of alcoholic beverage.

That's when the deputy tired of playing twenty questions with Valvo and placed him under arrest.

He was booked into the Indian River County Jail and charged with improper use of 911. He was released after posting $500 bond.

Valvo's prior arrests in Indian River County include theft and disorderly intoxication.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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