April 08, 2013

Sheena Cornwell - Jailed After Hanging Dog To Death In Garage Because She Was Tired Of Hearing The Animal Bark

Des Moines, IA (The Weekly Vice) - Sheena Cornwell, a 28-year-old Iowa woman, was jailed Saturday after she allegedly hung her and her boyfriend's dog to death because she was annoyed with the animal's barking.

According to police, officers were dispatched to the couple's residence after receiving a 911 call from Cornwell's boyfriend, Joshua VanDyke.

VanDyke told investigators that he had just returned home from work Saturday when he noticed that Cornwell was angry with the dog's barking.

He stated that Cornwell placed the dog inside the garage so she wouldn't have to listen to the noise. She became increasingly annoyed, however, when she could still hear the dog barking.

That's when she allegedly went back to the garage and hung the animal from a garage rafter using the animal's collar and leash. Cornwell reportedly watched the dog kick and struggle for a ten minute period until she saw that it was dead.

She then allegedly came back inside the house and announced that she had taken care of the noise. VanDyke called police after going to the garage and seeing what Cornwell had done.

"She did not appear remorseful. She said she saw nothing wrong with her actions,' said Des Moines Police spokesperson, Greg Catron. "She didn't think there was anything wrong with the way she put this dog to death. This is the first time I've ever seen a dog strung up like that. The dog deserved better than that."

Cornwell was booked into jail and charged with animal torture.

VanDyke told a local reporter that he has since ended his 4-year long relationship with Cornwell.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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