April 21, 2013

Lynda Bernhisel - Jailed After Crushing Dog's Skull With Broom Handle - Failing To Show Up To Court On Child Abuse Charge

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Philadelphia, PA (The Weekly Vice) - Lynda Bernhisel, a 21-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was jailed Friday after she allegedly crushed a dog's skull with a broomstick after failing to show up to court for a child abuse charge.

According to police, Bernhisel stirred up a confrontation with her neighbor by first insulting the neighbor's father-in-law who is dying of cancer.

The neighbor, identified as Dana Cassidy, told police that Bernhisel frequently antagonized her, so when Bernhisel continued with the harassment she decided to stand her ground and argue back.

That's when Bernhisel grabbed a wooden broomstick handle and began beating Cassidy's dog with it. When Cassidy tried to intervene, Bernhisel allegedly struck her with the handle before continuing to beat the dog in the head.

Investigators say Bernhisel struck the dog repeatedly until his skull was crushed in.

When police arrived on the scene, the dog was deceased due to his injuries and Cassidy was found with large lacerations to her arm and leg.

Bernhisel was immediately taken into custody. Officers also learned that a warrant had been issued for Bernhisel's arrest after she failed to show up for court last August to answer a child abuse charge.

Court records indicate Bernhisel was arrested in October 2011 after she was found sleeping with male companion inside a restaurant at or near the Holiday Inn in Logan Township. The pair were unable to be aroused until police arrived on the scene and appeared disoriented when officers were finally able to get them to sit up.

As the couple was being taken into custody, the male companion told officers that Bernhisel's baby had been left alone in a room at the hotel.

Then, according to court records, Bernhisel reportedly failed to show up for a court ordered status hearing after a Gloucester County grand jury indicted her on the child abuse charge.

Bernhisel was booked into jail on a new charges of animal cruelty and aggravated assault. Her bail has been set at $5,000.

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