April 08, 2013

Jennifer Hutto Is A Slow Learner - Repeatedly Jailed After Refusing To Stop Using Counterfeit Money

Winter Haven, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Jennifer Hutto, a 42-year-old Lakeland woman was jailed and then jailed again after she was repeatedly found to be in possession of counterfeit bills.

According to Winter Haven Police, Officers were dispatched to a local Dairy Queen after Hutto paid for her purchase with counterfeit bills and then drove away.

Officers stopped her vehicle a short distance away from the restaurant and discovered $660 worth of fake $20 bills in her possession.

She was charged with possessing counterfeit notes, passing counterfeit notes and driving on a suspended driver's license. Officers had her vehicle removed from the scene and impounded while she was booked into jail.

After Hutto bonded out of jail, detectives learned that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Polk County where she allegedly passed counterfeit bills on numerous occasions.

Knowing that she would likely come to the police impound lot to get her car back, investigators kept the welcome mat out for her and planned to arrest her at the scene.

As expected, Hutto arrived at the impound lot and attempted to retrieve her car. As officers took her into custody, she reportedly tried to hide her purse. A subsequent search of her purse revealed a fresh batch of counterfeit bills.

This time officers recovered $360 worth of counterfeit bills in $5 and $20 denominations.

Hutto was booked into the Polk County Jail and charged with possession of counterfeit notes, passing counterfeit bank notes and smuggling contraband (bringing counterfeit bills into a government agency).

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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