April 04, 2013

Daniel Anaya - Man Jailed For Repeatedly Biting Ex-Girlfriend's Big Toe, Jailed Again On Similar Charges

Santa Fe, NM (The Weekly Vice) - Daniel Anaya, a 27-year-old New Mexico man who was arrested in February after repeatedly biting his ex-girlfriend's big toe, has been jailed again on similar charges.

According to police, Anaya was initially jailed after he allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend's home in February and asked her if he could smell her feet.

When the woman refused, Anaya allegedly slammed her against a wall, forcibly removed her shoes and bit down hard on her big toe.

Police say Anaya bit so hard that his teeth pierced through the woman's nail and struck the bone.

The woman told investigators that she ended her relationship with Anaya after he bit her other big toe in a similarly gruesome way.

Anaya was booked into jail and charged with burglary, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and interference with communications. The woman sought a restraining order and moved to Albuquerque to get as much distance between herself and Anaya as possible.

Apparently it wasn't enough distance.

Investigators say Anaya tracked down his ex-girlfriend, assaulted her and went after her big toe for a fourth time.

The victim told police she had just returned home from work at about 1:30 p.m. Monday and left her front door unlocked because she was expecting her children to return home soon.

That's when Anaya allegedly walked into the residence, locked the door behind him and began punching the woman so she wouldn't run out the back door. Anaya eventually wrestled the woman to the ground, sat backwards on top of her and forcibly removed her right shoe and sock.

Anaya then allegedly bit down hard on the woman's big toe before reaching into his pocket for a cigar cutter. Anaya placed the cutter around the woman's toe and was preparing to cut it off when the woman reached for a fork and began stabbing him in the back and neck.

The victim was able to get up from under Anaya and flee to a neighbor's house where she called police. When police and emergency responders arrived on the scene, Anaya was nowhere to be found. He was eventually located after checking himself into a local hospital for treatment of his stab wounds.

Anaya was booked into the Santa Fe county Jail and charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery, assault with intent to commit a felony, aggravated burglary and aggravated stalking. Bond has now been placed at $100,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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