April 28, 2013

Ashley Guldager Got The Cat's Tongue - Jailed After Police Find Dead Cat Strapped To Makeshift Operating Table

Ashley Guldager Facebook
Ashley Guldager Facebook 2

Milwaukie, OR (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Guldager, a 21-year-old Oregon woman, was jailed Monday after police found a dead cat strapped to a makeshift operating table surrounded by jumper cables, scissors, a knife and a wet sponge.

According to police, officers were dispatched to a Milkaukie residence after Guldager's roommate walked in to find a horrific site in the downstairs bathroom.

Investigators say the roommate walked into her residence Monday to find her neighbor's 9-year-old cat strapped to makeshift operating table in the downstairs bathroom.

The cat, named Mama Kitty, was found partially shaved and appeared to be tampered with, according to the arrest affidavit. The neighbor told police that the cat had been missing for three days before she was discovered dead.

The animal was surrounded by a number of items including a 12 inch carving knife, a set of jumper cables, a plastic razor, a pair of scissors and a wet sponge. A light was found hanging above the cat's body, suspended by a bungee cord.

A necropsy later determined that the animal died of asphyxiation. While Guldager has been accused of killing the cat and then tampering with its body, no official motive has been established in the case.

Guldager is single, unemployed and had been living on an upstairs couch inside the residence for the past month. During interviews, Guldager stated that she was possessed and that Satan told her to kill the cat.

"My body was there. I was sitting there like this, and there was something else doing it, like it just used me," Guldager said.

Guldager was booked into jail and charged with aggravated animal abuse and first-degree theft of an animal. Her bail has been set at $100,000.

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The Weekly Vice

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