March 31, 2013

Shawn Hughes - Jailed After Attempting To Sell 6-Year-Old Daughter To Bond Vagina Out Of Jail

Kingsport, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - Shawn Wayne Hughes, a 32-year-old Kingsport man, was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly tried to sell his 6-year-old daughter so that he could use the money to bail out his girlfriend.

According to Kingsport police, an investigation was launched after a 75-year-old woman contacted detectives and informed them that Hughes was attempting to sell his daughter to her.

Detectives were at the woman's home interviewing her when Hughes allegedly called to discuss the offer further and set up a location for the exchange. Detectives listened in on as the conversation took place.

Investigators say Hughes offered to sell his 6-year-old daughter and sign over his parental rights in exchange for $1,500 cash. Hughes explained that he needed the money to bail out his girlfriend, who is the woman's granddaughter.

Hughes and his girlfriend had been arrested last Friday and he began looking for a way to get his girlfriend out of jail after he had bonded out himself.

Under police direction, the woman accepted the agreement and set up a time for the exchange.

When Hughes arrived in the scene to make the trade, officers were waiting for him. The department of Children's Services was also notified of the incident.

Hughes was booked into the Kingsport County Jail and charged with illegal payments in connection with a placement of a child and two counts of possession of drugs. His bond was set at $16,000.

After Hughes arraignment hearing, he was transferred to the Sullivan County Jail where he remains held on $16,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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