March 05, 2013

Mary Frances Alday - Jailed After Threatening Walmart Employees With Gun After They Refused To Accept An Internet Coupon

Crawfordville, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Mary Frances Alday, a 51-year-old Florida woman, was jailed Friday after she allegedly threatened Walmart employees with a gun because they wouldn't honor a dollar-off coupon.

According to the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, Alday became infuriated Friday after she tried to use an Internet coupon at a local Walmart, and the store wouldn't honor it.

When an assistant manager informed Alday that it is a Walmart policy "not to accept Internet Coupons," Alday became verbally abusive towards the manager. When Alday realized that her outrage wasn't being met with compliance, she grabbed a shopping cart and struck the manager with it.

When store employees escorted Alday out of the store, Alday shouted at the manager to stop following her. When the manager told Alday that she was headed outside to get her license plate number, Alday threatened that she "had something" for her out in her vehicle.

As four employees stood at the store's entrance, they watched Alday walk to her car and retrieve a Smith and Wesson .38 Special from it. Alday then waved the gun shouting "I have something for y'all."

Store employees retreated back inside the building and called police.

When a Sheriff's Office detective and a deputy pulled Alday over a short time later, they asked if she was in possession of a gun. Alday replied "Yes, I have a concealed weapons permit, and you are not taking my gun," according to the arrest affidavit.

Deputies ordered Alday to exit her vehicle, however, she refused.  After two jolts of Taser induced compliance, Alday was ultimately removed from the car and placed into custody.

Alday was booked into the Wakulla County Jail and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery.

As an aside note, we looked up Walmart's coupon policy, and the company clearly states that "Walmart gladly accepts" print-at-home Internet coupons so long as they meet certain standards.  The Sheriff's Office report didn't specify if the coupon in question met those standards, however, the manager's face-value statement was incorrect.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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