March 14, 2013

Couple Intentionally Swallows Razor Blade Filled Doughnuts In An Attempt To Force Grocery Store Into Settlement

Draper, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Carol Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, were jailed Monday after they allegedly swallowed razor blade tainted doughnuts in an attempt to build a fraudulent lawsuit against a local grocery store.

According to Draper police, Leazer-Hardman and Condor reportedly bought a package of doughnuts from a Smith's Food and Drug Center, then placed pieces of broken razor blades inside of the doughnuts.

The couple then consumed the doughnuts - including the razor blades - with the intention of filing a lawsuit against the store and then collecting a settlement.

Condor then shared a razor blade laced doughnuts with a co-worker, who sustained cuts to her mouth as a result.

Hospital X-rays revealed that Leazer-Hardman and Condor had pieces of razor in their stomachs after consuming the food items.

The couple contacted Draper police to complain about the tainted doughnuts and gather documentation. The grocery store chain immediately pulled the doughnuts from their shelves while the case was under investigation.

Detectives, however, became suspicious of the couple's claim since no other cases had been reported and the doughnuts were shipped in tamper resistant packaging. A witness also told detectives that Leazer-Hardman and Condor had complained recently about ongoing financial troubles.

Faced with mounting evidence and skepticism, Condor eventually admitted to the scam, stating that he and Leazer-Hardman placed pieces of metal inside the doughnuts to force the grocery store into a settlement. Condor also admitted to offering his co-worker one of the tainted doughnuts.

Leazer-Hardman and Condor were booked into jail and charged with filing a police report and assault.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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