February 26, 2013

Snowplow Driver Gets 5 Minutes Of Fame After Using Plow To Bury Cars With Snow

Lowell, Mass. (The Weekly Vice) - Mark Hussey, a snowplow driver in Lowell Massachusetts, is very sorry he used his plow to bury your car. But it was his favorite part of the day.

Hussey rose to YouTube fame last week, after he uploaded a video that showed him using his snow plow to bury cars that were parked along a city street. The video shows Hussey plowing the roads for the city on Feb. 10 following heavy snowfall.

Hussey, who shot the video from inside the cab of his plow, can be seen burying cars as he passed them on the road. He can be heard joking about the burials, claiming that it was the best part of his day.

"You want to find your car? You come see me, I’ll let you know where it is..... Maybe.” Hussey said after making a car vanish beneath the snow.

When Hussey passes another car, he can be heard saying "Now you see it, now you don't motherfxxxer, hahahaha." The car completely disappears from view as it is plowed over with snow.

The video went viral on YouTube and word quickly reached city managers. He was promptly fired on Friday.

Over the weekend, Hussey posted a new video on YouTube apologizing for the video. He went on to say, however, that he did exactly what he was supposed to do - Push the snow as close to the curb as possible.

Hussey used most of the apology video vindicating himself from wrongdoing, claiming that his orders were to clear the streets curb to curb.

“No cars or personal property was hurt making this video or any time during the storm." said Hussey. "The only things that were hurt were people’s feelings and maybe some sore backs from having to shovel out. But that’s what happens in a blizzard.”

In addition to his critics, Hussey has gained a large number of fans who like his humor and have even demanded that he get his job back.

He continues to comment about the video from his YouTube account, blackdoggxxx.

YouTube deleted the original video, however it has been copied and reposted on various video hosting sites.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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