February 21, 2013

Ron Kronenberger - Charged With Assault After Spanking Tenant On Bare Buttocks Because He Was In 'Arears' On His Rent

Waynesville, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Ron Kronenberger, a 53-year-old Ohio man, has been charged after he allegedly spanked a tenant on his bare buttocks because the victim was late on his rent.

According to police, Kronenberger, decided to teach one of his tenants a lesson when the man fell $2,800 behind on his rent.

Kronenberger, who owns Hometown Market and is a former president of the area's Chamber Of Commerce, was voted as the Waynesville Citizen of the Year in 2006.

Investigators say Kronenberger shouted at the victim that if he was "going to act like a child, he would treat (the victim) like one."  That's when he repeatedly struck the victim on the bare buttocks with a belt, according to an arrest affidavit.

The 29-year-old tenant told investigators that he was scared and just wanted to get (the encounter) over with. Photographs were taken of the man's injuries which show red stripes across his buttocks.

When confronted by police, Kronenberger admitted to spanking the tenant, according to Police Chief, Gary Copeland.

Kronenberger has been charged with one count of assault. His arraignment hearing was rescheduled when he reportedly failed to show up for the first hearing.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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