January 08, 2013

Michelle White - Gets 15 Years In Prison After Robbing White Castle With Squirt Gun

Charlotte, NC (The Weekly Vice) - Michelle White, a 33-year-old St. Louis woman has been sentenced to jail time after she allegedly crawled through the window of a White Castle fast food restaurant and then robbed the employees with a squirt gun.

According to police, White drove up to a White Castle drive through window in September 2011, displayed a red squirt gun and then passed the cashier a note that said "give me your money or I will shoot you."

When the cashier fled the window, White crawled into the restaurant through the drive-thru window and then took the cash drawer. An off-duty firefighter parked in the drive-through lane wrote down White's driver's license number and called 911.

Officers later went to White's home and found a white jacket that she had worn during the robbery and a sum of cash. White attempted to evade arrest by climbing to the roof of her apartment building and then jumping off.  She fractured her arm, leg and pelvis as a result.

White, who has three children, eventually confessed to the robbery while she was in the hospital.

White has now been convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for robbery with special conditions.

Those conditions include a long list of previous convictions including manslaughter, possession of drug paraphernalia and stealing. The manslaughter charge was a result of striking a man with her vehicle while she was high on cocaine.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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