January 16, 2013

Jeremy Rusin - Pathetic Jackass - Sets Pit Bull Loose On His Own Mother…. Three Times

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Oak Lawn, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Jeremy Rusin, a 21-year-old Illinois man, has been jailed after he repeatedly turned a pit bull loose on his mother because he didn't want her to go outside.

According to Oak Lawn police, officers were dispatched to the woman's home after receiving a report from a motorist stating that a woman was being attacked by a pit bull while several other witnesses stood by and watched.

According to police, the incident began when the victim's son emerged from his bedroom yelling and in an agitated state. Rusin's angry rant caused his girlfriend's 75-pound pit bull to attack his mother.

Initially, Rusin pulled the dog away as it was biting his mother's arm and stomach, but when the woman tried to run outside, Rusin set the dog loose on his mother in an attempt to stop her.

Rusin then grabbed his mother by the shoulder and threw her into a wall, prompting the dog to attack again.  Rusin pulled the dog back again, however, when his mother finally made it outside, he set the dog loose on his mother a third time.

The motorist who called 911 explained that he was driving by the residence when he saw the dog attacking a woman. As the driver slowed down to see if the woman was being helped, Rusin shouted "Mind your own business and get the fuck out of here," according to the arrest affidavit.

The mother was able to break free of the dog and run to a neighbor's house for help as Rusin and two other witnesses watched.

When the motorist left the scene to call 911, Rusin pulled up behind him, pulled off his shirt and began walking toward him. Rusin then allegedly told the motorist that he was going to "kick his ass."

Police arrived on the scene before a fight could ensue.

As officers were placing Rusin under arrest, Rusin rammed his shoulder into an officer and then dropped to the ground complaining of shoulder pain. After a brief struggle, Rusin was placed into a patrol car and transported to jail.

At the jail, Rusin refused to be fingerprinted and banged his head repeatedly against the cell door.

Rusin's girlfriend was told to take her dog to the Animal Welfare League until further notice. She continues to list herself as "in a relationship" with Rusin on her Facebook profile.  Photographs of Rusin and a pit bull can be found on her profile.

Rusin was booked into the Cook County Jail and charged with battery, domestic battery and assault. His bail has been set at $20,000

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