January 15, 2013

Ashley Stillwell - Jailed After Asking Two Men To Beat Her Husband With Baseball Bats

Mankato, Minn. (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Stillwell, a 24-year-old Minnesota woman, was jailed after she allegedly asked two men to beat her husband with a baseball bat, all while the victim's children watched.

According to the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office, Stillwell and her husband were arguing over bills when Stillwell left the residence and returned with two men who wore dark hooded sweatshirts. Each man was in possession of an aluminum baseball bat.

When the husband, identified as Gary Stillwell, asked the men to leave, they refused and began beating him repeatedly with the bats.

The victim told deputies that he was kicked in the face and struck four of five times with a bat during the assault. He also told deputies that he heard his wife tell the attackers "Not in front of my babies."

The children told deputies that they witnessed their father being assaulted by the two men.

After the assault, the husband found a car key on the floor which was given to the Sheriff's Office.  Deputies tracked the key to a Jeep that had been parked a short distance away from the Stillwell's residence.

After giving several different stories, Stillwell admitted to asking two men in a Jeep to come to her house and give her husband "an attitude adjustment."

Stillwell was booked into jail and charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. The two assailants have not yet been identified.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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