December 16, 2012

Rebecca Jenks - Jailed After Attacking Mother, Daughter And Another Inmate During Drunken Rampage

Deland, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Rebecca Jenks, a 41-year-old Florida woman was jailed Sunday after she allegedly kicked her 66-year-old mother and punched her 8-year-old daughter during a drunken rampage.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Jenks had been drinking Sunday afternoon when she apparently became angry and "out of control."

When Jenks' mother tried to calm her down, Jenks reportedly pushed her mother and began kicking her.

When Jenks' 8-year-old daughter stepped in to protect the older woman, Jenks pushed and then punched the girl in the head. A deputy later observed redness and swelling on the back of the child's neck.

There was more trouble when deputies arrested Jenks and placed her into a holding cell.

Investigators say Jenks slipped out of her handcuffs and began slapping another inmate who had been booked into the same holding cell. The inmate was unable to defend herself because she was in handcuffs, according to the arrest report.

Jenks was booked into the Volusia County Jail and charged with battery, child abuse, battery on a person detained in jail and driving with a license that has been revoked.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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