December 04, 2012

Lynda Rusk - Charged With Uploading Nude Photo Of Teen Daughter To Facebook

Lafayette, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Lynda Rusk, a 50-year-old Indiana woman was charged Wednesday after she allegedly posted a nude photograph of her teen daughter on the girl's Facebook page.

According to Lafayette police, an investigation was launched in November 2011 after Rusk deliberately posted a nude photograph of her daughter on Facebook.

Investigators say the photograph, which showed the girl's breasts and genitals, was uploaded to her Facebook profile on Nov. 8th.  To make matters more suspicious, Rusk reportedly removed the girl from school on the same day. A teacher at the school reported her concerns for the child to police on the same day.

Officers were sent to Rusk's home later that night to check on the girl, however, Rusk informed them that she had checked her daughter into a counseling center in Terre Haute at about 11 a.m. that morning.  The girl remained at the center until about  7 p.m. the next evening.

Rusk denied having any knowledge about how the nude photograph of her daughter was posted to Facebook. She also denied having any knowledge about using Facebook or how to operate her daughter's iPhone.  Police later learned that Rusk, herself, owns an iPhone.

After interviewing the teen girl and examining her phone, it was determined that Rusk had been in possession of the phone when the photograph was posted to the Internet. Detectives used cell phone tower triangulation to determine the phone's location while the girl was detained at the facility in Terre Haute.

The investigation took nearly a year to complete because of the time required to secure a subpoena for the teen's Facebook records. Those records helped confirm the exact time the photograph was uploaded to Facebook.

"We wanted to make sure to do everything we could for this young lady," said Det. Mark Pinkard of the Lafayette Police Department. "Once something is posted online, it's out there forever."

Rusk was booked into jail and charged with child exploitation and possession of child pornography.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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