December 06, 2012

Kayla Bonkowski - Charged With Adding Bleach To Roommate's Drink, Told Detectives Roommate Was "Mean"

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Mount Pleasant, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, a 19-year-old Central Michigan University student, was jailed after she allegedly poisoned her roommate with bleach because she "thought she was mean".

According to Michigan State Police, the victim, 20-year-old Emily Joseph was hospitalized after drinking a cup of iced tea that Bonkowski had tainted with bleach.

When detectives questioned Bonkowski, she allegedly admitted to  spraying bleach into her roommate's drink because the two had quarreled over dirty dishes. Bonkowski told investigators that she thought Joseph was "mean."

Bonkowski was booked into jail and charged with one felony count of poisoning food, drink, medicine, and/or water supply. She was released after posting a $2,000 cash bond. 

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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