December 09, 2012

Assclown Couple Shaves 12-Year-Old Girl's Head, Forces Her To Run Outside Wearing Diaper

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Fridley, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Stephanie Broten, 38, and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Darnell Landrum, were jailed Monday after they allegedly shaved a 12-year-old girl's head and then forced her to run wind sprints outside while wearing a diaper.

According to the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, police were called to the couple's residence around 7:15 Monday on reports that a teenage girl was being forced to run around the neighborhood while wearing a diaper.

when officers arrived on the scene, the girl was found crying hysterically at the center of a large crowd of people.

Witnesses told officers that the girl had been forced to run wind sprints outside in front of a group of people wearing nothing more than a diaper and a tank top. One of the girl's classmates, who was also at the scene, admitted to taking pictures of the incident with her cell phone, but claims that she deleted the images.

When detectives questioned the child's mother and her boyfriend, they stated that the girl was being punished because she received a failing grade on her report car.

As punishment for bad grades, the couple shaved the 12-year-old girl's head and forced her to run sprints wearing a diaper. They insisted to officers that they didn't do anything wrong because they had previously warned the girl what the punishment would be if she received a bad grade.

The couple reportedly referred to the punishment as "diaper duty."

The girl and three other siblings were removed from the home and placed into foster care.

Broten and Landrum were booked into jail and charged with malicious punishment of a child. Broten was released on bail on the condition that she refrain from contacting her daughter. Landrum was also released on bail.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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