November 15, 2012

William Burgess - Jailed After Sister Turns Him In For Having Sex With Horse

Hurricane, UT (The Weekly Vice) - William R. Burgess, a 55-year-old Utah man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly admitted to having sex with a neighbor's horse.

According to police, an investigation was launched after Burgess's sister contacted authorities and told them that she had uncovered evidence that indicated her brother had begun having sex with a horse.

During a police interview, Burgess allegedly admitted to the deed.

Investigators say Burgess told detectives that he walked to a neighbor's ranch with a bag of horse feed and a halter. Burgess used the horse feed to lure the horse close to him, then used the halter to keep the animal steady while engaging in sex with her.

Burgess was booked into the Purgatory Correctional Facility and charged with six counts of bestiality, one felony count of burglary, one count of theft and one count of criminal trespass. His next court appearance has been set for Nov. 19.

Online arrest records also seem to indicate that Burgess was convicted of forcible sexual abuse in March, 2006.

A William R. Burgess Jr. from the same rural county is also listen in court records - but check out the birth dates.  If online records are accurate, it would appear Mr. Burgess's penis has been wandering into uncharted territory from a very early age.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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